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"Use of the Tempus program has reduced a large quantity of carrier invoices down to a single electronic invoice sorted to our specifications."

Judson McKay
Network Administrator
National Distribution Company

Tempus is a certified Expense Management company.

Tempus Freight Management Services

Have you considered that your company may be spending more on transportation costs than you actually owe? Contact us today and start reducing freight costs.

Reduce Freight Costs

Tempus specializes in the transportation industry, and we are familiar with all types of billing procedures, miscellaneous charges, cubing, and discount arrangements. For companies without prior knowledge in this industry, it has been estimated that tens of thousands of dollars are lost each year to overcharges and costly billing errors.

Custom Reporting

In addition, Tempus has the ability to provide you with a variety of custom reports pertaining to any aspect of your transportation program. We are always available to assist in managing your transportation program and helping you make the most advantageous choices for your business. We can also assist you in selecting the carriers which best suit your shipping needs, keeping in mind the best possible service and economical choices.


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