Suite 117, 1063 King Street West
Hamilton ON L8S 4S3

Tempus began as a joint venture between Copel Inc., an Electrical Wholesale Buying Group, and Emco Supply; then know as EML Distribution, a Plumbing & HVAC Wholesaler in January 1987. In 1998 Emco's shares were purchased by FreighTech Inc.

Pictured at the official opening left to right are Ken Gerrie, Gerrie Electric, Richard Taylor, Chairman of Copel Inc., John MacDonald, Ideal Supply, Walter Jamieson, Electrical Industry Veteran, Tempus Founder & First Tempus General Manager and Gerry Champagne, Tempus General Manager.

Early on Tempus was an industry leader in the automation of the audit function and first to receive EDI invoices from several major carriers. Thirty years later Tempus continues to be a leader in the Freight Management and Audit segment.


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